Christmas Party Volunteering - a much better way of spending the party budget!

Last Christmas I asked the staff what they wanted to do, pointing out that we had what could only be described as an infinitesimal budget for a party but that I was keen we did something. It shouldn’t have surprised me that they came back to me with a brilliant idea – they suggested that we volunteered (and of course they had sourced some ideas) and then if we paid for a cheap lunch they’d cover their own drinks. 

I bang on in every talk I make about how we walk the talk at TimeBank - how all our staff have five days volunteering leave, how all our trustees are volunteers and how it’s part of our DNA. Here once again was another example of really passionately believing in what we do. And so it was on a cold wet December morning I found myself with my entire staff team in a Crisis warehouse packing up crates to be sent to nine different temporary shelters that were being set up over Christmas.

It felt good, it felt right and it was a classic team building experience. Then, in time honoured tradition, we went to the pub and headed out for a curry. It cost us very little in cash, took no more time than a Christmas lunch would have and we all headed home for Christmas feeling that we’d made a difference to someone less fortunate than ourselves.147

From a business perspective we learnt how another charity manages its volunteers, how they welcome you, thank you and power through the inevitable health and safety messages. Some things we thought we did better others that we could learn from and bring into our own programmes. It also brought our team together after a challenging year.  Everyone I spoke to that holiday was bowled over by what we had done – by the desire to do something positive with our ‘party time’ and everyone said “I’ll suggest that next year at my office”.

So it struck us as a good idea to make it really easy for anyone starting thinking about their Christmas party to put together an ‘off the shelf’ volunteering package that arranged it all for them and secured a discount in a local restaurant or pub for anyone volunteering on a TimeBank Scheme (and yes I know it’s only September but last week alone we had nearly 2,000 hits on the Christmas volunteering pages on our website, so I know you are thinking about it!).

So here it is - our half day volunteering/party pack. You volunteer for a morning or afternoon at a charity, usually but not exclusively on a Christmas theme – feel free to bring those comedy reindeer antlers if you feel so inclined. And then go out for lunch or supper in one of the nearby locations we have sourced. We’ll do it all for you for a one off fee starting at £250 + VAT. We’ll check out the health and safety, the risk assessments, we’ll liaise with the charity and give you a full briefing pack in advance, including lists of what you will be doing, how you can split your teams, elements of competition you can create if you want and of course the good you will be achieving whilst you do it. 150

All you need to do is turn up and make a difference in your local community this Christmas before going out for a slightly slimmed down party already feeling on top of the world – isn’t that a better way of spending the Christmas party budget?

If you're interested in learning more, take a look at  our Employee Volunteering page or download our Christmas Party Volunteering flyer here