My role as a TimeBank trustee is everything I want from a volunteering opportunity - and more

When I first heard about becoming a TimeBank trustee, I only knew a few things about volunteering. Having been a School Governor and a Games Maker, I knew I enjoyed it. Having done short term and long term volunteering, I felt that there was a real value in starting a long term volunteering relationship. And having done generic and skills specific volunteering, I wanted an opportunity where I felt could use my professional skills - as well as develop new skills that would help in my professional life.

I also wanted to work with a charity that made a provable difference to individual's lives, so was instantly impressed by TimeBank's targeted, measurable and end user-centric mentoring programmes. I could see how they would have a real impact, both for mentor and mentee, and admired the way in which they aimed to fill gaps in provision or meet emerging social needs.

Having been lucky enough to pass my initial interview, I've found that my role as a TimeBank trustee has been everything I wanted from a volunteering opportunity and more. I've been able to use my professional skills (I work in communications) on everything from blog writing to helping review communications procedures and protocols. I've been part of Trustee interview panels and TimeBank away days, and attended Parliamentary events. I've even done a stint as a mentor myself, as part of the Leaders Together programme, supporting smaller charities. 

But the main thing I've enjoyed is working with such dedicated, enthusiastic and talented people - both in terms of my fellow trustees, and TimeBank's own staff. Every meeting brings a different, thought provoking challenge, and it's really inspiring to be part of that discussion with such a great team. I might have not known too much about volunteering when I started as a trustee, but I've learned so much in my time with TimeBank so far - and am looking forward to seeing where we go in the future!