Free workshops for carers in Dudley

An estimated one in eight adults across the UK acts in some kind of carer role or capacity. In other words, at least six and a half million people as well as an estimated 700,000 young carers are devoting their time and energy, and putting their own needs on hold, to support the people they care about. Given our ageing population this figure is expected to swell to nine million over the next two decades.

Yet not only is there an army of carers but many are hidden, whether as a result of the stigmatic nature of their loved ones’ illness/condition or because they do not consider themselves to be carers.

Unconditional love is often used in the context of caring for the people we cherish in our lives. However we are only human. When family and friends start to need more and more help to maintain their quality of life, the reality of providing support day in, day out, can take a very heavy toll.

Carers UK say that over 60% of carers have faced depression as they find themselves unable to maintain a life of their own, while 49% of carers find they struggle financially, only adding to their general stress and anxiety. At the same time, 45% have found themselves having to give up their jobs after being unable to juggle the competing demands of work and caring.

Carers are undeniably the unsung heroes of our health and care system, which is why TimeBank is rolling out a series of volunteer led events for carers across the borough of Dudley in March through its Be Well project.

These free workshops are designed to help carers be more aware of their rights, to explore ways to improve their own wellbeing and to provide information about the support available through local networks.

We are working with partner organisations to deliver Be Well and we warmly welcome anyone who is a carer or cares for others, to attend. We’d also be grateful if you could spread the word as widely as you can, to your friends, networks or through social media.

For more information contact Nick Roslund at, or 07751 636 674.