Team building

You’ll be surprised at the impact a single volunteering day can have on your employees, your business and your local community.

Suzy Barber

How much more memorable and rewarding my work bonding trips would have been if I was doing something useful and different with Elaine from accounts, rather than trying to make conversation with her in a hotel bar.
Suzy Barnber

Take a look at some of the projects we’ve sourced for companies big and small:

Global Impact Day

Every year CEB, the leading member-based advisory company, closes its worldwide offices for the day when its 3,000 employees volunteer in their local communities.

In the UK, CEB partnered with TimeBank for two years running to co-ordinate volunteering projects for 600 CEB employees across London for its Global Impact Day.

We sourced some demanding challenges for them - building community gardens, protecting wildlife, renovating community spaces and revitalising parks and rundown housing estates.


An environmental challenge for BP

We found a fantastic opportunity for a group of BP volunteers, helping to restore heath land at a biodiversity project at Wimbledon Common. 

They said: “The rangers were very welcoming and shared a lot of interesting information about the project.  This gave a real sense of how our contribution fitted into a bigger picture. We enjoyed the chance to work together as a team and help the organisation towards its goals.”

Peter Haldane, Wildlife and Conservation Officer for Wimbledon and Putney Commons, was thrilled with their efforts: “The group was first class and I would be very happy to take another similar group whenever you are able to arrange it.”

A construction project for Skanska

At Deen City Farm in south west London, 28 volunteers from Skanska put their construction and project management skills to good use by building new benches and roofs for animal shelters and painting barn doors.

At the end of the day the volunteers felt a great sense of achievement and learnt valuable team working skills. They also got to feed and pet the farm animals!

Reading Corners 

Volunteers from Romec/Balfour Beatty took on the challenge, transforming an uninspiring library into an exciting place for children to read: 

To this

The children were thrilled. They said:

'We love it!'

'I love having some lights to see what I'm reading.'

'It's nice having a great new place to read.'


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