Although we focus on volunteering that has an impact on people, it doesn’t mean you can’t get close to animals. Here are a few ways that involve animals:

  • The Cinnamon Trust  - volunteer to help people who are in the last years of their lives stay with their pets. For example, walking dogs for someone who’s housebound or fostering someone’s pet whilst they are in hospital. 
  • As a volunteer with Guide Dogs you could be a puppy walker, a local fundraiser or you could look after the breeding dogs as pets. The website has a dedicated page for online recruitment for puppy walkers in England, Scotland and Wales and you can even keep up to date with volunteer recruitment opportunities through facebook too.
  • Riding for the Disabled - join one of the 18,000 volunteers throughout the UK and improve the lives of thousands of people through education, therapy and fun.
  • Pets As Therapy - as a volunteer you’ll be taking your dog or cat along with you to provide therapeutic visits to hospitals, care homes, special needs schools and other places of people in need, to remind them of all the happy associations of home comforts and help speed recovery.
  • Hearing Dogs  - you can volunteer to help train and place dogs with people who are hard of hearing or deaf. You can provide longer term foster care for the breeding dogs or overnight care for those needing to be trained the following day if you live in Buckinghamshire. If you live in Ireland they need volunteers to foster the dogs before they reach the training centres in the UK. Find out where they need dog walkers, volunteer speakers and fundraisers.

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