There are over six million family and friends who provide unpaid care in the UK. It just goes to show the need for support for carers and there are a number of organisations that you can volunteer with.

  • The Princess Royal Trust for Carers has 144 carers’ centres across the UK that provide support services to carers. They are always in need of volunteers to do things such as home visits and help with outings and social events. If you want to support carers indirectly, the carers’ centres need help with building, decoration and maintenance. Or you can volunteer in their offices in London, Glasgow and Chorley. See if there’s a carers' centre near you
  • Vitalise is a national charity providing short breaks for disabled and visually impaired people in a number of centres across the country. Their carers are also free to go on the breaks with them but they don’t have to, they can just take advantage of having a rest at home. As a volunteer to support disabled people and their carers, you will be providing companionship and assistance and helping out with the fun trips and activities. You can choose to be a residential volunteer for a week or longer, or if you live close to one of the centres then you could volunteer for the day. The centres are located in Southport, Nottingham, Chigwell in Essex, Southampton or Cornwall.

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