If you want to put your fundraising skills to good use there are lots of charities (big and small) that would really benefit from your support.

The best thing to do is chose a charity or issue that you’re passionate about and contact them directly to see if they need any help with fundraising.

Bigger charities are more likely to have their own dedicated fundraising team but may still take on volunteers who want to get some experience. Again it's best to contact these charities directly.

Remember that if you’re a fundraiser in your day job that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to do this as a volunteer too.

Andy, TimeBank’s very own fundraising extraordinaire swops writing bids to working with children when he volunteers at Kids Company. He leaves work an hour early each week and helps out as an activities leader at the after school art club, supporting the kids with their work as well as crowd control! He’s also a professional musician and plays in a band and he lends his talent to run a drums and percussion class for 4-11 year olds every few months too. The kids absolutely love him as you can imagine!

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