Going abroad

You don’t need to be young to volunteer abroad, and you don’t need to give up a whole year either.

There are volunteering projects on offer across the world, from one week to two years. Some projects will require you to have specific skills. Check carefully before you sign up, many organisations charge a fee so you might need to fundraise before you go.

Here at Timebank we deal with volunteering based just in the United Kingdom although these organisations should be able to help you if you want advice:

  • InterVol brings together information and advice on volunteering overseas.
  • Raleigh International runs two different volunteering programmes – one for those under 24 and the other if you’re aged 25-75! 
  • WorldWide Volunteering has information about volunteering opportunities throughout the UK and worldwide.
  • Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) works in over 40 countries, offering two roles depending on your age and skills. For most volunteer roles you need to be a qualified professional with a minimum of two years’ experience in your field. If you’re aged 18-25, you could volunteer on their Youth for Development or Global Exchange programmes.  
  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides advice and information for anyone thinking about a gap year.

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