Human Rights

Volunteer with a human rights organisation and you’ll be contributing to creating a world where people do not need to live in fear.

This isn’t a definitive list but here are a few ideas:

  • One of the largest international human rights organisations is Amnesty International. They work to fight for human rights across the globe as well as in the UK. They run volunteer programmes in their offices in London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff, and you can also get involved locally.
  • The Refugee Council offers help and support to asylum seekers and refugees.  You can volunteer with them. 
  • The Jubilee Debt Campaign works to drop the debt owed by the world's poorest countries. None of the work that they do would be possible without the support of volunteers.
  • Anti-Slavery International works nationally and internationally, as well as running local campaigns to eradicate all forms of slavery around the world. They offer volunteer placements, internships, work experience, and festival volunteering. 

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