You can put your listening skills to good use by volunteering with one of the most well known charities needing people to listen  - the Samaritans.

Listening is the backbone of the Samaritans work and what their service is all about You will be ‘listening’ through the phone, emails, letters, face to face or by text (depending on the branch you’re in) and providing real help to the thousands of people who make contact with the Samaritans each year.

You can also volunteer with:

As a counsellor you'll play a key role in helping to advise and support young people with whatever worries they may have.

Due to the obvious importance of role they do, you'll need to commit a significant amount of time to become a counsellor.

The application process takes three to four months and includes references and backgrounds checks. You'll need to do a  minimum of 50 hours of training and a minimum of 40 counselling shifts every year, each lasting a minimum of four hours.

Once trained you will be expected to commit to a specific regular shif and attend around 15 additional hours of training and supervision over the year to keep your counselling skills up-to-date.

If you're interested you can apply to your local branch.
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