When I want

We think there’s a way for everyone to volunteer – however busy you are.

When you start looking it might feel that most volunteering is at a time that you can’t do, for example during office hours. Or asks for more time than you can commit each week or month. But remember many organisations have to operate during office hours so they can be sure they’ll deliver a good service to people in need of the support.

Don’t worry though - there are several things you can do to find volunteering which fits around you.

Don’t rule things out even if the time commitment sounds a lot

Even if it sounds like a lot of time, many places can be flexible and understand that you’re busy. One of our own volunteer mentoring projects asks you to give five hours a month, but you get to choose when you meet.

Narrow your search by when you can volunteer regularly

Use your local volunteer centre and search online. Remember, we add new opportunities all the time so it's worth checking regularly.

Volunteer online

For some it might lack the human touch, although it is a flexible way to offer up your time. A good place to start is the United Nations Online Volunteering Service.

Hold on for something more 

Have a specific idea of what you’d like to do? If you haven’t found the right opportunity yet there’s no need to rush into it. Finding the right thing can take time so stick with it and remember we’re here to help.

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