Fred, Paul & Joanna

Having worked as a Fundraising Manager at TimeBank, Leaders Together seemed the perfect fit for Fred to use his skills to help a good cause.

He was matched with Joanna and Paul who work for Kilburn Neighbours. The scheme co-ordinates, trains and supports volunteers to visit older people in the Kilburn area who are vulnerable or have mobility issues.

Fred says: "I was pleased to be matched with Joanna and Paul as Kilburn is close to my heart. I used to live there as a child and still have family in the area. What Kilburn Neighbours do is quite clear-cut. For a fundraiser that is great - it makes things simpler.

Paul and Joanna share the role of co-ordinator for the scheme. They were concerned that they might face a funding crisis and felt it would be a lifeline to have a mentor as part of the Leaders Together project. 

Paul explains: "We were panicking a bit about funding because it's so competitive out there at the moment. Having Fred as a mentor really worked for us. It was tailored exactly to our needs. It was a great process to go through - we've developed action plans and sharpened our fundraising skills, especially when applying to trusts and major donors. A major achievement was securing funding of £6,000 which we are delighted about. However, it's also given us more confidence, which in itself is a huge benefit of Leaders Together."

Fred agrees: "Supporting Joanna and Paul has been great. I've enjoyed it and it's been a rewarding experience to see how their confidence has grown. Of course, it was great to secure £6,000 of funding for them - that's a really tangible result. I feel I've enabled them to continue so they can see long-term results from this experience too."