Greg & Laura

It’s down to great chemistry. That’s what Greg and Laura say about the success they’ve had on the Leaders Together project.

Laura has worked in the private sector for years, working for and running large businesses, living and travelling all over the world. In the last few years she felt that it was time to do something more meaningful.  

“I decided to make some career changes so I could devote more time to giving something back and making a difference. Leaders Together has provided the perfect opportunity - I was able to volunteer and put my business skills to good use.”

“Greg and I hit it off straight away and I’ve been really impressed with him from the beginning. We started by talking about his organisation, Involver, and what he and his business partner wanted to achieve, and then worked out some objectives. We decided to focus on measuring and communicating impact, establishing an effective business development strategy and sustainable financial planning. Greg always went away from our meetings and incorporated what we’d talked about in his thinking and preparation for the next meeting. I’ve gained a great deal of personal satisfaction from seeing the progress directly and getting feedback. That direct and immediate impact is not something you easily see when working in a large corporation.”

Involver is a social enterprise that improves school councils and student voice. After a year, it was going pretty well, but they wanted to see from an ‘expert’ if indeed they were going in the right direction.  

Greg says:“Having the opportunity to be mentored by Laura has been really beneficial for me and Involver. Leaders Together has been great as the mentoring is really tailored to what we want to achieve, because it’s on a one-to-one basis.  It has also been great to have someone act as a ‘critical friend’."

“One of the biggest achievements from this is realising that we want to develop Involver's work by setting up a charity to work alongside it – the Smart School Council Community. This will greatly extend our reach and open up a lot more funding to us.  We may have come to this decision on our own, but having Laura as a mentor has meant that we’ve got there a lot quicker and it’s been a key strategic decision so we can really grow.”

Laura adds: "I’ve agreed to be a trustee for the Smart School Council Community, so while our time on Leaders Together has officially come to an end I’m really pleased that I can continue to volunteer and support Involver in the future.”