Refugees into Teaching

TimeBank’s involvement in Refugees into Teaching ended on 31st March 2011.

But the Refugee Council is continuing to run the project. So if you’d like to become a mentor, or want to find out more about Refugees into Teaching, visit their website.

Refugees into Teaching provides free information, advice and guidance to refugees in England who want to become qualified teachers, or work in other support roles.

As part of this, they run a mentoring scheme, where refugees are matched with mentors who are either teachers or have knowledge of the teaching profession.

So if you’re a teacher, a teaching assistant, trainee teacher, teacher trainer or an ex-teacher – then get in touch! At the moment, we're particularly looking for primary school teachers. As a volunteer mentor you’ll be matched with a teacher who wants to teach in the UK but might not have experience of our systems and how it all works.

You’ll meet one to one, every couple of weeks for a minimum of three months. Every individual is different so the relationship will be flexible as possible, to meet their needs and to help them overcome any barriers they might face.

As a volunteer mentor, you’ll develop mentoring skills, learn more about refugee issues and we’ll support you all the way through.