Shoulder to Shoulder Erskine

Shoulder to Shoulder Erskine is our new project, run in partnership with leading Scottish veterans’ charity Erskine and funded by Forces in Mind Trust and the Henry Smith Charity. It offers support to ex-service men and women and their families in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

TimeBank will draw on the experience of its successful Shoulder to Shoulder veterans’ support projects in London and Birmingham to run this two-year volunteer mentoring programme for 80 ex-service personnel and 20 of their immediate family members in Scotland.

The project’s beneficiaries will include early service leavers and older non-commissioned officers – both groups identified as being at particular risk of homelessness, unemployment, crime and domestic and community violence.

We know through previous experience that mentoring is known to aid the recovery and reduce the risk of social exclusion in veterans and their families; therefore strengthening the family unit as a whole.

The project will train and match 100 volunteer mentors to provide one to one support to help veterans and their families access the services required to make that transition to civilian life. Each mentor will support a veteran or family member once or twice per month over a period of three to nine months.  

If you’d like to volunteer as a mentor for Shoulder to Shoulder Erskine or think you would benefit from a mentor, we are here to help. Please call Ali, the project  co-ordinator on 07437 437867 or email Or click here to volunteer as a mentor and we’ll be in touch.