Chris, Essex

Chris Hesse volunteered with Young TimeBank as a facilitator in St Michael’s School in Bermondsey, helping young people make an impact in their local communities.

Chris wouldn’t have been accepted onto his teacher training course without the volunteering so it shows how valuable volunteering can be to career prospects. He is now a supply teacher and is hoping to get a full time position soon.

“Volunteering gave me a different outlook on life, and a real drive to guide young people down a path that’s right for them. Working with young people is challenging at times, but always hugely satisfying. The main reward is being able to contribute to the lives of young people and being able to help them positively engage in their community and their world. It isn’t all about telling them what to do, but listening and communicating and most importantly believing in their dreams.”

Chris began to realise that he wanted to teach and doing projects with young people made him see that the job would be interesting, challenging and hugely enjoyable. Volunteering helped him get accepted on to his teaching course and now he’s working as a part time teacher. Volunteering helped Chris to apply for teaching jobs because employers could see that he was really interested in working with young people.

Chris’s story proves that volunteering can really help young people decide what they want to do – it’s a way of being able to test out different jobs before having to commit. People don’t always know where their talents lie - Chris didn’t but he found that volunteering gave him a chance to explore.

Commenting on his volunteering experience, Chris says,

“Volunteering with Young TimeBank unleashed a passion inside me that I didn’t realise I had”.