Lynne, Brighton

Lynne Allen, 22 had been applying to an array of jobs throughout her final year at university but with no response, she’d been desperately worried for months about finding a job upon graduating.

She wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted to do as a career but with her background in arts and a degree in film studies she thought arts events might be a good and interesting route to go down. Living in Brighton, Lynne thought it would be a great idea to volunteer at the Brighton Fringe Festival to find out if it would be the sort of thing she’d like to pursue as a career and knew it would be really beneficial for CV building.

She was right. No sooner had she completed her two months of volunteering at The Brighton Fringe Festival, being involved in jobs such as artist liaison, stage management and general office admin, but she had her first interview at a promotional merchandising and events company and was offered the job. On her CV, she included her volunteering experience at the Brighton Fringe Festival as well as volunteering at a local primary school through her university. She was asked about her time at the Brighton Fringe Festival in the interview and since the company plans to branch out more into events planning, they chose her over and above other candidates because of her vital events experience there.

Lynne says,

“I would recommend volunteering to anyone who’s struggling to find a job at the moment, it can provide you with skills that you didn’t have before and that other candidates may not have. It shows to employers that you’re really dedicated too. I was so worried about finding a job after I graduated as I’d heard absolutely nothing back from those I applied for. The fact that I volunteered at Brighton Fringe Festival and gained lots of experience in events and developed valuable skills that I didn’t have before gave me the edge on other candidates, especially since the company is so keen to develop their events planning offering.”