Benefits and costs

Benefits and costs

At TimeBank we design employee volunteering programmes that leave a long-lasting legacy.

We’ll work closely with your company to learn more about your business and the specific needs of your employee volunteering programme, to design a package that: 

  • Fully aligns with your company’s core values and overall organisational objectives
  • Is designed to complement your existing Corporate Responsibility and Learning and Development programmes
  • Encourages engagement and social awareness across your organisation
  • So, if you need expert support to design and implement an outstanding employee volunteering programme, you’ve come to the right place. 

Example of bespoke programmes

When EE employees expressed an interest in skills-based volunteering opportunities, we were ready to support them to help local communities make the most of technology.  EE employees share their digital skills at techy tea parties which help to demystify mobile phones, digital cameras and iPads and show how easy it is to get online and get connected.

In feedback, 94% EE employees said they would volunteer again; 89% said they would talk positively about their company’s community programme and when asked ‘what sparked your interest in volunteering?’ 86% wanted to give something back.

We were thrilled when this programme gained a Prime Minister’s Big Society Award for its digital skills volunteering programme. 

Dan Perlet, Director of Corporate and Financial Affairs at EE says:

“Digital inclusion is an important issue for us. TimeBank’s employee volunteering programme has helped us to develop digital skills-based volunteering among our staff to help local communities make the most of technology and being online, such as our popular techy tea parties.”

Types of employee volunteering

At TimeBank we offer three types of employee volunteering:

  • One off and multiple employee volunteer days
  • Local Connections – our skills based matching scheme
  • Corporate Programmes – targeted programmes of work with a small number of employees

Example of volunteering day costs

When you book a team volunteering day through TimeBank, we’ll work with you to meet your needs, including: 

  • Working with your team leader to arrange a date
  • Making sure the health and safety checks are in place including a risk assessment if needed
  • Giving your team all the relevant information they need for the day
  • Running the day – if required
  • Covering any material costs charged by the organisation your team is volunteering with
  • Getting feedback from your team and organisation to make sure the day is rewarding for everyone involved.

For one-off volunteering days we charge between £55 and £100 per head + VAT. 

For long term volunteering programmes we work on an economy of scale, and we are very happy to discuss costs depending on your requirements. 

TimeBank’s employee volunteering programmes – a win-win solution to building lasting success

A growing body of research supports the case for investing in employee engagement in the community. These findings reveal that employee volunteering programmes help organisations benefit from:

  • Employee volunteering helps you build social capital by improving your company’s image in the community. It also helps to increase your attractiveness as a recruiter – graduates are more attracted to firms that exhibit good corporate citizenship.
  • Community involvement can generate increased morale, motivation, commitment and performance. In addition, employees can bring back new skills and ideas to the workplace which can improve creativity.
  • Our own survey, involving over 3,000 UK employers and employees, showed that 94% of employers think that employee volunteering has added to the skills of their workforce.
  • An employee volunteering scheme is an effective way to encourage fresh perspectives and inter-departmental cohesion, bringing together people from all levels.

If you don’t have the resources to manage a volunteering programme, think about outsourcing it to TimeBank – it might be a more cost-effective solution for your business.