Local Connections

Local Connections is a new pilot project in London, which builds on the strong relationships that TimeBank has with corporates and local charities and community organisations.

Many companies offer volunteer days for their staff to volunteer in an area of interest. However, through discussions with multiple organisations we have found that these days are rarely taken due to staff members not wanting to take days out of the office and fall behind with their workload.

By piloting the mechanics of an online matchmaking project, we will match employees with appropriate skills with a local charity/community organisation that needs advice, guidance and support in that area. We would encourage participants to connect over video technology like Skype or Zoom so that these one-hour mentoring interactions can be conducted from their place of work, which would ensure we engage with a new pool of volunteers, which will increase participation numbers.

As part of Local Connections we can offer reports that build an accurate picture of the hours volunteered, the types of local charities/community organisations and the operational issue that they have supported.

We’re currently looking for volunteers who could help community organisations with fundraising, marketing and social media so please get in touch if you could offer support in one of these areas.

I have just spent an hour in session with Louise and William and did they deliver! They’ve helped simplify the Apprenticeship Scheme into key points to consider and practical steps to take. Thank you ever so much for brokering this informative session with them.”
– Funmi, Barking Foodbank