Team building

You’ll be surprised at the impact a single volunteering day or a targeted programme can have on your employees, your business and your local community.

What does TimeBank do? 

Our aim is to make volunteering part of the fabric of everyday life. To do this, we connect groups of corporate volunteers with community groups and beneficiaries that need help, offering a specialist brokering service to make sure employees get the very best and most enjoyable volunteering experience possible. We aim to provide an employee volunteering experiences that really works – engaging your staff and helping them develop confidence and skills, while supporting small community groups and beneficiaries that often don’t have the resources to provide an effective, properly structured volunteering experience. 

How do I arrange a volunteer day or programme? 

To start organising a volunteering day or programme all we need to know is: 

  • What type of volunteering your team want to be involved in 
  • The expected number of volunteers  
  • Your preferred dates and location (and how far you’re willing to travel) for volunteering days
  • If you’re interested in a more targeted programme like Local Connections or funding a programme for your employees, please provide as much detail as possible after reading the relevant sections and we will get back to you to discuss.

How long does a one-off volunteering day take to attange: 

Arranging a team volunteering day takes on average 4 – 6 weeks, but the more time we have to arrange a day the greater range of opportunities we can offer you. Once you have enquired about a team volunteering day, we will send you a list of some of our most popular days to give you an idea of what we can offer you. Of course, you are by no means limited to this list, we will always try to find something that is specific to your interests. From here, the process of creating a tailored volunteering day is subject to community partner availability, often these community groups are run exclusively by volunteers and therefore they can take some time to get back to us. 


What sort of one-off volunteering opportunities are available?

Environmental days

Work on various outdoor projects in green spaces/parks/community gardens

“The best part of my volunteering experience was working with colleagues in a non-office environment and feeling a sense of achievement”

Techy tea parties

CV workshops

Assist those who are struggling to find employment write CVs and prepare for interviews 

Supporting foodbanks/community kitchens

Volunteers help to replenish and organise stock/cook a healthy meal at a shelter

The children were thrilled. They said:

‘We love it!’

‘I love having some lights to see what I’m reading.’

‘It’s nice having a great new place to read.’

Other opportunities include city farms, work and play stores, community playgrounds etc.

Here’s what some of the comments from the employers that have taken part:

We found a fantastic opportunity for a group of BP volunteers, helping to restore heath land at a biodiversity project at Wimbledon Common. 

“The rangers were very welcoming and shared a lot of interesting information about the project.  This gave a real sense of how our contribution fitted into a bigger picture. We enjoyed the chance to work together as a team and help the organisation towards its goals.”

Peter Haldane, Wildlife and Conservation Officer for Wimbledon and Putney Commons, was thrilled with their efforts:

“The group was first class and I would be very happy to take another similar group whenever you are able to arrange it.”

For more details contact our employee volunteering team