Shortlisted for the Charity Times Awards!

Julia Shipston Julia Shipston

We are so thrilled that for the second year running, TimeBank has been shortlisted in the Charity Times Awards. The category we entered this time was the community award. Our nomination set out to show how our volunteering projects are building stronger, happier and more inclusive communities – and how our expanding employee volunteering offer is creating a pool of passionate volunteers for the future.

Our projects are successful because they are led by volunteers – people who don’t have to be there, aren’t paid to be there, but simply want to be. Our beneficiaries tell us how much they value this. It creates a social bond that encourages engagement and supports professional services.

That’s why we have stepped up our work with businesses to encourage their staff to volunteer. Over the last year we’ve doubled the number of employee volunteers we work with because we know that if it is managed well and people enjoy this first experience of volunteering, they often go on to volunteer for many different causes.

Our experience shows that volunteers can effectively deliver support in the most challenging circumstances, complementing professional interventions without replacing paid staff. We are tremendously proud of our volunteers and the impact they have on local communities, and on their behalf we’d be thrilled to win this award!  

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