Major donors

Major donors

Why make a major gift to TimeBank?

How your donation can help

Through the generosity of your donation, we can make sure that we spend your gift in a way that is relevant to your needs and interests:

  • Fund a targeted volunteering programme of work
  • Support beneficiaries that are important to you such as asylum seekers/refugees, young people, carers, ex-service personnel, those leaving care
  • Fund pioneering innovation in volunteer mentoring allowing us to further develop technology to meet the needs of our beneficiaries and help solve some of the UK’s most complex social issues

What we can offer in return

As a valued supporter and a member of TimeBank, we can offer:

  • Regular updates on TimeBank’s work and the impact of your support
  • Be invited to our events
  • We can thank you publically for your support
  • Come and meet the staff at TimeBank to see your donation in action (where appropriate)

Making a major donation

To make a major donation and discuss any areas of interest, contact: Phil Pyatt, Chief Executive at [email protected] or call 0203 111 0701.