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Talking Together

English language classes in London, Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry

Talking Together is TimeBank’s extensive volunteer-led project offering informal, functional English teaching to marginalised UK residents with little or no knowledge of the language – mostly women. It started in deprived areas of Birmingham in 2014 and has since expanded across London, Birmingham and Leicester.

After 6 successful years providing beginner level community English classes to nearly 8,000 people, the Talking Together project has now come to an end. In the last year alone, almost 1,800 learners completed our Talking Together courses across London and the Midlands. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our volunteers who offered 7,500 hours of their time in the last year. As well as providing the language skills that learners need in order to use English in their everyday lives, our volunteers gave learners confidence, a safe space to practice and an opportunity to meet new people in their area, helping to combat the isolation many of our learners face to do everyday things we take for granted, like visiting the doctor, talking to children’s teachers or using public transport.

This year, we piloted a follow-on programme for learners that had completed our Talking Together course. Our Talking Groups gave 300 learners the chance to develop their English further with a focus on setting goals for future learning and using English to improve health and well-being, job prospects and engagement with children’s education.

We’re hugely proud of the achievements of our learners and volunteers, and thank them all for their hard work and dedication to the project!

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Talking Together Impact

  • 600 Volunteers recruited
  • 6,000 Learners who completed our course
  • 7,300 Volunteering hours last year
  • 200 Community partners
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